The Scotch Shortage – Say it Ain’t So

Heads up ladies, if you love a good Scotch as much as I do, it’s time to stock up.

Once upon a time scotch evoked the image of old men drinking in dimly lit lounges, talking about their glory days or winding down from a long day at the office. Not anymore.

MadMenScotchPartly due to popular shows like Mad Men, which have changed the drink’s reputation from archaic to chic, the demand for scotch had surged. And it’s not only US tastes that have evolved, it seems Asia has discovered the wonders of this sultry, complex drink.

“Asia now takes up a fifth of scotch exports, and that’s with sales in the U.S. tripling over the years to boot. The effect is similar with Tennessee whiskey and bourbon, where sales are outpacing production and a shortage has been feared.” (CNN Money)

The problem is Scotch must be aged a MINIMUM of 3 years by law – with most popular varieties aged 12, 14, 18, 21 or more years. Distilleries such as Macallan, Oban, Highland Park and Laphroaig are ramping up production as quickly as possible but we won’t see the fruits of their labor for quite awhile.


Does this mean Scotch is going away? Hell no. It just means we’re going to be paying a pretty penny for the ones currently available, and the prices will continue to skyrocket over the next ten to fifteen years.

If there is a Scotch you’ve been dying to try, do it now. If you have a particular favorite stock up and store them well. With prices guaranteed to soar it will be an excellent investment no matter how you pour it.

And if you haven’t tried scotch yet, well what are you waiting for? Get down to your local liquor store and make friends with the manager. He should be able to point you towards a good “starter” scotch. My personal favorites are the Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 year, a superbly smooth scotch which is finished in rum barrels with hints of vanilla and toffee – and the Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, citrus and brown sugar notes with an outstanding finish (in my humble opinion).


Kick off your heels, pour a glass and savor that nectar of the gods.

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